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EYFS Parent Blog

Our EYFS team will update this on a weekly basis with an overview of the upcoming week's topics and themes, in order for parents to support at home.

 Monday 27th June - 1st July 2022

Phonics - Please continue to revise letter names and their phonemes as well as digraphs and trigraphs (sh, ch, qu, th, ai, ar, ow, er, ur, nk, oo, oa, ee, or, ng, oi, zz, ss, ff, igh, air, ear, ure) Please encourage your child to write short sentences using simple punctuation (capital letters, finger spaces and full stops) eg I went to the zoo.

Literacy - We will be reading 'Little Red Riding Hood' and talking about stranger danger. Please have conversations with your child about this, discuss what they should do if they ever got lost in a shop etc. Talk about good strangers- police, doctors etc.

Maths - We will be doubling, halving /sharing numbers to 10.

Please read with your child everyday and remember to write comments in their reading journals.