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Speaking and Listening


At Barley Lane we provide opportunities across all curricular areas for the development and application of Speaking and Listening skills to help all pupils know more, remember more and understand more. Our goal is to plan lessons which fully engage these skills and give them chances to practise them whilst simultaneously providing feedback to develop these skills further.


We nurture them as eloquent speakers who can speak and pronounce what they are saying clearly using insightful and purposeful vocabulary. This is achieved through the use of drama including hot seating, repetition of key vocabulary/building of word banks, debate, regular use of talk partners.


From the moment children start school at Barley Lane Primary School they are exposed to high level speech and are encouraged to speak in full sentences as well as use subject appropriate terminology. Grammatically correct speech is modelled to children throughout the course of the day. Children are taught how to take turns whilst speaking and are encouraged to listen to, respect and respond appropriately to each other’s points of view.


We believe these skills are of paramount importance and will be vital both during the children’s school lives and lives outside of school.