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Year 6 Advocates

Pupil Advocates

Pupil Advocates are part of the leadership team of the school and they promote the School‘s values to all in the School community and visitors. They are Year 6 pupils that help around the school.  On some occasions their representatives join the school’s Leadership Team for their meetings, attend School Council meetings,  meet with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers and are part of the interview process for new teachers. They also show visitors around the school.


What does Advocate mean?

An Advocate is a person who speaks in support of another person. It is from the Latin word (Ancient Roman language) Advocatus. An Advocatus was a legal councillor in the Roman court. At our school you can support us to be the best school we can be.


 Our Pupil Advocates represent Barley Lane Primary School by:

  • showing visitors including parents and teachers round the school and explaining our school’s aims and values.
  • being a positive role model for others


Our Pupil Advocates help teachers and other staff make Barley Lane Primary School the best school it can by:

  • giving ideas on how to improve the school to the headteacher and deputy senior leadership team through fortnightly meetings
  • helping to lead some assemblies alongside the senior staff
  • working alongside the School Council to improve the school


Personal Qualities which Advocates demonstrate:

  • To be creative with ideas about how we can get even better
  • To be organised and tidy
  • To model good behaviour to others   
  • To be a good listener 
  • To be kind to other children
  • To enjoy playing with younger pupils
  • To be able to speak your mind in a polite way