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Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives

The Equality Act 2010 requires us to publish specific and measurable equality objectives. Our equality objectives are based on our analysis of data and other information. Our equality objectives focus on those areas where we have agreed to take action to improve equality and tackle disadvantages.

We will regularly review the progress we are making to meet our equality objectives.


Equality objective 1:

 Provide training for all staff and governors on equality and diversity

 Progress we are making on this objective:

Through the INSET timetable there are opportunities as they arise to provide training on equality and diversity.  This will take place through the areas of safeguarding, anti-bullying and EAL.  Governors attend Local Authority training as and when available.


Equality objective 2:

 Improve provision for pupils for whom English is an additional language, particularly new arrivals at the early stage of English acquisition

 Progress we are making on this objective:

New arrivals to the school have an induction meeting with the Admissions & Attendance Officer and are provided with the school's welcome pack.  In class, teachers will buddy new children with a child/children in the class.  The school has two experienced LTA's who will make assessments on their EAL needs to identify appropriate support or interventions.


Equality objective 3:

 Monitor the achievement  of pupils  from low income and disadvantaged  families


Progress we are making on this objective:

During progress meetings with senior leaders and class teachers, the progress of children from low and disadvantage families is discussed as a school priority. Progress is monitored to ensure that they are working at least at age related expectations to ensure the gap is narrowed in comparison to other pupils. Support and interventions are set up to help the progress of all pupils receiving this funding regardless of level.


Equality objective 4:

 Promote understanding and respect for differences

 Progress we are making on this objective:

The school ethos and curriculum promotes respect for the differences of the school community.  Issues are covered through lessons, assemblies and staff training.  The school encourages the promotion of British Values as well as valuing the cultural and religious identities of the school.