Believe in yourself, Learn together, Persevere and Succeed

Curriculum Intent and Policy

Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences that help children to learn more, remember more and make connections across subjects.  It is designed to empower our children to develop an understanding of their place in the world, and have a clear understanding of their heritage. This is strengthened through their knowledge of how past generations have shaped their present lives.  To achieve this, the curriculum is centred on humanities topics, incorporating key quality texts and a ‘big question’ for each topic, which will reflect the diversity of the children in our school. The importance of celebrating the diversity of our pupils is key and is part of our curriculum at all ages. We aim for our children to become resilient, well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of self, developed through the culture and values of their community.


We are an inclusive school and provide access to all areas of the curriculum for all children with SEND. We aim for them to follow the curriculum for their year group, as much as possible as long as it is appropriate for their learning needs.


We aim to Believe in Ourselves, Learn together, Persevere and Succeed.  In order to achieve this, and to achieve national standards for all of our children, we aim that our children:


  • Communicate clearly and respectfully
  • Have a good knowledge of the world and how history has impacted on this
  • Develop cultural appreciation through rich and valuable experiences
  • Show resilience, especially when faced with new situations


Our curriculum is underpinned by our five core values: Compassion, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.  We aim to widen the life experiences for our children, with a particular focus on cultural and creative experiences.  It is our intention that we provide regular opportunities for our children to visit different places of interest, experience the work of different international artists and to visit museums and places within their locality.  These are designed to be memorable learning experiences which help to build character.


Diversifying our Curriculum

At Barley Lane, we have been working hard to review and develop our curriculum to be as representative of our children, and the world, as it can be. We want lessons that teach about diversity and promote acceptance and respect. We are striving to achieve a curriculum that allows our children to regularly learn about, and be inspired by, individuals of all abilities, religions, cultures, genders and ethnicities. It is really important to us as a school, that the celebration of differences is embedded in our lessons and discussed frequently at every opportunity throughout the year. Weaving diversity throughout our curriculum is an on-going piece of work and something we all feel passionate about. You will see this when you look at your child’s year group curriculum overview, parent curriculum information and termly topic webs which are all found here in the ‘Curriculum Information’ section of this website.